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Glove Care & Breaking in a Baseball Glove MORE ON LEATHER CLEANING & CONDITIONING


There are many different techniques for breaking in a glove. Dozens of conditioners and oils are available. Leather is tanned all over the world and no two skins or tanners are quite alike. So your glove may react differently, to different break-in techniques. A glove that is troublesome in breaking in, could be a good quality glove. Long lasting gloves take time to break in. It is best to slowly break in your glove by just using it and keeping it clean and oiled conditioned occasionally. MORE ON LEATHER CLEANING & CONDITIONING

Quick Time Honored Method

If you are in a hurry and can not wait and only If you have not tried this yet, AND PLEASE DO NOT REPEAT IF YOU HAVE DONE THIS ALREADY, AND I ONLY SUGGEST THE FOLLOWING TECHNIQUE, AND I DO NOT GUARANTEE IT WILL WORK. You begin by soaking your glove in a bucket of water, not long, maybe 2 to 3 minutes, then let dry by hanging it in a cool dry place, so as not to form mold, for a week or until it is completely dry. Then, you can rub petroleum jelly as a leather conditioner on the entire glove. The leather should soften. THERE'S NO GUARANTEE THIS WILL WORK.

Need help breaking in your glove or mitt...He'll do it for you. TRY

David Katz at Katz Sports Shop, 519 West Main St., Meriden, Ct. 06451, 203-238-4311, The break-in specialist.

Your glove is over oil?

This may seem weird, try rolling your glove in kitty litter.  Kitty Litter is grounded dried clay, and is routinely used at car service stations to sop up oil spills. THERE IS NO GUARANTEE THAT THIS WILL WORK.

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